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Live Your Jreams Inc.

Serving Babies, Children and Senior Citizens


Live Your Jreams Inc. is a Non-Profit organization commissioned and based in Tucson, Arizona, geared towards meeting the practical needs of babies, children, women and those in preparation for transition.  We offer a wide variety of services that include but are not limited to:


Clothing Donation

Baby Naming Ceremonies

Spiritual Coaching

House Blessing

Baby Items Drop Off

Support Group Meetings

Minister To At Risk Teen Girls

Provide Comfort To The Sick and Elderly

We are a spiritual community based organization assisting the community since 2015

Here at Live Your Jreams, we are committed to enriching the lives of families by meeting practical needs that often go overlooked.  We provide assistance with basic needs for infants, children and expecting mothers.  Our ECCC (End of Cycle Companion Care) provides assistance to the elderly and those in preparation for transition.  We have ordained ministers on stand by to assist with transition whether it be offering prayers, singing songs, creating crystal grids or just providing comfort in whatever way that will make the client more comfortable.  We do not utilize drugs or pain medication.  We volunteer time, resources and energy as our offering to you.

Baby In A Bag/Best Foot Forward

Baby In A Bag is a service we  created to fill the need of low income families with babies born with developmental issues.  Many of these infants are born to the NICU and the burden of meeting basic needs should not be a concern of the parents at that time.  Our baby in a bag ministry supplies fully loaded bags with diapers, bottles, onesies, hats, socks, mittens and more.  Many of the items that baby will need just starting out.  We also provide school supplies and shoes for children.  Our Best Foot Forward program holds shoe drives in different cities to provide shoes for needy school aged children.  For more information, you may contact a priestess in your area or contact us.

See baby in a bag in action

see best foot forward in action

Current Events

Best Foot Forward

2019/2020 Shoe Drive For Kids

We are currently accepting monetary donations as well as In-Kind donations for our 2019/2020 School Year Shoe Drive for deserving children.  It is our belief that all children should have a good pair of shoes on their feet when going to school.  Children are bullied because of fashion and we want to minimize the negative affects of bullying by providing kids with a nice looking, durable pair of shoes.  Often times, parents can't keep up with how fast a child's foot grows, and the cost of shoes rises the bigger the shoe size!  The Priestesses at the KOAWASH are here to help.  We have representatives of The KOAWASH in several cities and it is our duty to serve the communities in which we live, work and play.


To mail us your donation of diapers, baby clothes, baby bags, backpacks, shoes or toiletries, please ship goods to:

A Healing Stone

C/O Live Your Jreams

1505 West Saint Mary's Road

Unit 112

Tucson, Arizona 85745

Your Donations Help, Every Penny Counts.

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