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There is a KOAWASH member in your area committed to serving your needs!  Our Priestesses in The Order of Koawash are gifted with wisdom in many areas of the spiritual arts and well informed of the knowledge contained within religion.  We honor and support the timeless teachings of Non-Traditional Spiritual Systems, and we have a wide knowledge base involving various cultural belief systems including but not limited to, Khemetic Science, Ifa, Wicca, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Shamanic Practices.  We are Spiritual Healers, many being certified in one or more modalities of metaphysical or physical healing. We are life, wellness and spiritual coaches as well as teachers and healers who hold educational degrees in several areas.  As Priestesses of The One Universal Mind, we respect the beliefs and traditions of all whom we encounter on the road to healing.  We are sisters and seers, and women connected to Universal Energy, and we serve as guides here on earth to assist you on your personal healing journey. 

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Arizona, National & International

Ujo Wadjet



Willow Ravenwolf



Sister Andrea



Sister Audrey



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