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KOAWASH stands for Keepers of Ancestral Wisdom and Spiritual Healers.  We are a global collective of priestesses and loyal members who have come together to do great works in the communities that we live and play.  We are a network of women healers that reaches far and wide with members and supporters in many countries. 

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to be among the world's elite healers who are making positive change in the lives of each soul we encounter while here on this earth plane.  We provide a variety of services that are designed to help shift the frequency and mindset of those with troubled hearts and minds.  We are seers, ministers, teachers, healers, artists, mothers, lovers, daughters, sisters, friends, freedom-fighters and more importantly, we are ONE with each other and the Collective Consciousness of the Earth. 


Who we are

Live Your Jreams Inc. and the Order of KOAWASH

Live Your Jreams was founded in Arizona in 2015 with the hopes of servicing low income families and needs based clients nationwide.

Live Your Jreams is primarily an outreach based ministry that provides comfort and spiritual counseling, education and resources as well as needs based assessments.

Our target area includes but may not be limited to:

Nursing Homes


Women's Shelters

Women's Prisons


In addition to providing personal and  material needs such as women's hygiene products, gently used clothing and shoes, school supplies, books and toys, we also service infants in need with our Baby In A Bag Ministry as well as Best Foot Forward, which collects shoes for children in need.  We drop off fully loaded diaper bags to local children's hospitals, which is a HUGE need in our communities as well.

Some of the spiritual services we provide are Baby Naming Ceremonies, House Blessings, Hand Fasting, Energy Healing, Spiritual Coaching and Intuitive Counseling. 

We have annual gatherings where our priestesses can get together to grow, learn and share, and take wisdom with them to spread throughout their own communities. 

The Order of KOAWASH is the spiritual aspect of Live Your Jreams Inc., a Non-Profit Organization.


Love Don't Cost A Thing

The KOAWASH firmly believe in the power of Love.  Love is an active force that is alive in nature and flowing freely throughout the Universe.  Sometimes a little love is all it takes to completely shift the energy or mood of a situation.  One thing we can do is love you for free.  We freely love ourselves, our families, Mother/Father God/Goddess, nature, our sisters and our fellow human beings.  We devote our lives to being not only students, but practitioner's of love.  Know and affirm that you are One with the Source of all Love and your ability to reflect love has no limits.  We love you!

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